When we were finally able to get through to speak to Mr. Colasuonno, he said that it had been already sent by his wife, yet it wasn't. This conclusion became apparent because several days later after still not having received payment and a repeat of more of the same conversation, Mr. Colasuonno, said that this time that his son will be sending it instead.

Then finally with Mr. Colasuonno himself again promising to send it directly after multiple inquiries of not receiving payment, Mr. Colasuonno failed to do what was promised, never got back to us, and never paid what was owed. Payment is yet to be received.
Mr. Richard J. Colasuonno who claims to be the owner manager of an apartment building at 717 Arlington Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey 07060 called for service on November 8, 2011 for an oil boiler that was not working at this location. He said thirteen tenants were in need of heat.

Service was provided in which the ultimate cause of the problem was a clogged oil fuel line caused by crushed copper piping that was not readily visible and a weak fuel pump.

After the boiler was fixed and tested for functionality, Mr. Colasuonno claimed that he did not have his checkbook with him and that he would pay the following day by personally delivering it to our next job location. He was given an address and was told to just mail it instead.

After several attempts of contacting Mr. Colasuonno regarding payment to no avail, and this is after Mr. Colasuonno having said that the check was to be sent by him personally, we still did not receive payment.
Please inquire on current payment required:
This unpaid bill will not be closed nor removed from this site record until it is paid in full plus administrative expenses and interest.
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